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MKIAC have provided opportunities for people to volunteer and gain skills in a wide range of events and workshops. This year we have been awarded the Queen's Jubilee Award for voluntary service. The Art in the Park Festival has provided opportunities for over 300 volunteers in a variety of roles including curation, health and safety, stage management, marketing, evaluation and hospitality. Volunteers have also assisted in the delivery of community and schools. We have developed forums for people to contribute their ideas and share their expertise, in so helping us to develop a relevant arts delivery programme for the diverse communities where we operate.

The Community Action Forum is a group of individuals who share in the ethos of MKIAC and are proactive in building community cohesion through high quality arts experiences. If you are interested in joining the Community Action Forum or becoming a volunteer please email visit our contact page.
The Youth Forum has the same values as the Community Action Forum but with an emphasis on young people

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Youth Forum

The purpose and objectives of The Youth Forum is to help our projects reach largely the Muslim community in Milton Keynes. The aim is to make Muslim communities feel supported and empowered. Our projects are educational and have a positive impact for those participating as well as the wider audience who will see them exhibited and share the experience.
We are very much youth  focused group and want to create a strong voluntary group. The aim of the group is to learn new skills, network and overall have a positive outcome. Members of the Youth forum will get a certificate of achievement at the end for their participation. The Forum is here to create a platform and opportunities for the young people of Milton Keynes.
If you would like to get involved with the Youth Forum please get in touch.



MKIAC is a not for profit organisation. We'd like to thank our supporters who enable us to produce high quality of arts delivery in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. We are focussed on building community coheshion and providing a safe environment for our participants. We focus on Muslim communities such as women and young people as they are the most vulnerable in our communities.

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