About Us

Milton Keynes Islamic Arts and Culture is an award-winning national charity working in Buckinghamshire and South East. We are inspired by Islamic arts, heritage and culture that encompasses both traditional and contemporary art forms. MKIAC covers a broad spectrum of inclusive arts-based events throughout the year. We are at the forefront of inclusion and diversity for the creative sector in Milton Keynes.

The establishment of MKIAC was prompted by the 9/11 incident in 2002, and we focus on using the arts and creativity as a vehicle to overcome societal divisions and provide a sense of community in our city.

MKIAC is a diverse grassroots that right from its infancy, has been a bench-setter for embracing diversity and inclusion. As well as events, the organisation has a strong educational outreach programme.

Milton Keynes has always been a diverse place, with a rich history and prominent institutions. MKIAC has been developing and advocating for cultural diversity and diverse artist development in Milton Keynes and the surrounding region.


Our Partners

We work with a wide range of partners to deliver our programmes. Current partners include MK College, Bletchley Park, Five trust schools, Milton Keynes Council, AH-A, Open University, Milton Keynes Music Hub and MK Museum.

Please get in touch if you would like to work with us.

“MKIAC brings diverse communities together through their meaningful and inclusive arts and culture programmes. I have seen first-hand how they inspire young people to embrace their cultural heritage and how they provide creative outlets which have positive impacts on their mental health. This is why I chose them as my Charity of the Year in 2021–2022. Established 20 years ago in response to rising hate crimes due to 9/11, they have been able to bring communities together successfully in Buckinghamshire and neighbouring towns.” Cllr Mohammad Khan, Former Mayor of Milton Keynes, 2021 - 2022

“MKIAC always creative and always inclusive.”  Peter Sanders, Peter Sanders Photography

“MKIAC is an organization that understands that art enables the deepest truths to penetrate into the hearts and souls of all types of people and to connect individuals of all backgrounds to what transcends our differences and unites us all as human beings.”  Baraka Blue, Artist

You can read more about our 20 year journey in the 20th-anniversary booklet, here.


MKIAC is a not-for-profit organisation and a registered charity. We'd like to thank our supporters who enable us to produce high-quality arts and culture work and support community cohesion.

We also offer consultancy services in diversity and inclusion, focused on interpreting Islamic arts and culture to a wide audience. We can help in establishing educational programmes in schools, organising exhibitions and large-scale festivals.  Be in touch with us at mkiac@mkcollege.ac.uk to discuss this further.


Our team