Spoken Word Cafe Nights

Spoken Word – Café Night  First Event 11th October 2018

MKIAC created a place where young people can express themselves and put the inportance of Spoken Word on the map to a wider audience.

Spoken word is a combination of poetry and performance and appears in events such as Jazz, Hip-Hop and Poetry slams. Though Spoken Word can include any kind of poetry read aloud, it is different from written poetry in that how it sounds is often one of the main components.

Unlike written poetry it has less to do with physical on the page aesthetics and more to do with phonaesthetics, or the aesthetics of sound.

This art form is now more popular than ever before. Young people are using Spoken Word as a way of expressing their feelings on current political issues such as the environment, social inequalities and mental health.

Our event provided a cosy safe environment where young people can express themeselves amongst their peers.

The event was well received and festured ii trhe press in the MK Citizen


The second Spoken Word event took place at MK College on Monday 10th December. There were 

over 90 young people who were at the event to listen to inspirational performer Jamal Osman and her backing band soulfood poetry a fanastic experince for all.