STEM Festival

At the MK Innovates' STEM festival, we explored the Islamic origins of science and maths concepts and identifiying why ceative thinking is so importnt for all future careers, especially those in STEM. We shared our love for Geometry & Tezhip Art with young and old through specially designed age appropriate activities.

Sense of Unity Parade and Seb Lee-Delisle's Laser Light Festival

The sense of Unity performance by Dundu and Worldbeaters, started at Midsummer Place and moved down to  Midsummer Boulevard, to the Hub, ending at MK train station. It ws an enchanting and magical performance, highlighting how the City of Light festival brought so many communities together. The glow of Dundu lit up the street as it marched down the road to the beat of the Worldbeater's drums. It was an unmissable event.

On both the 9th and 10th October, Milton Keynes experienced Seb Lee-Delisle's 'Laser Light City', which gave everyone the opportunity to become an artist and light up the skies of Milton Keynes.

This was a wonderful, interactive, technological masterpiece that brought entertainment to the whole festival as you could control the lasers using your mobile phone!

This added an impressive element of intreraction to the festival, participant showed us their creativity  when controlling the lasers! A fitting end to a magnificent weekend at the City of Light festival.