Anti-Bullying and Harassment Practices (8/10 2019)

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Anti-Bullying and Harassment Practices - Lessons from education to work

In a desire for something constructive to come out of recent high profile cases of bullying and harassment, the CIPD Milton Keynes Group and the Queens Award charity, MKIAC has come together to bring you this important free half-day event. The aim is to attract interested parties (HR professionals, School Teachers, Head Teachers, concerned parents and guardians, pupils, Parent Teacher Associations and School governors) to appreciate the impact bullying and harassment has on the wellbeing of citizens as they transition from education to work so we can nip the unwanted behaviours in the bud. 

The aim is to encourage collective accountability locally to create inclusive cultures by working collaboratively to tackle underlying systemic issues going forward post-workshop. Within the Thames Valley Area, Milton Keynes has the highest reported number of hate incidents. Many consider young people and workers are having to cope with unwanted behaviours in a particularly hostile environment. This creates an added urgency to bring different local groups to work collaboratively for the interests of community cohesion and wellbeing.

Workshop Objectives:


By the end event, delegates will be able to:

Professional photography and video production will be taking place at the event, and these images may be used on future promotional materials for CIPD. Please note that by attending the event, you are giving your consent for your image to be used on any CIPD promotional materials.