Art in Isolation | Black History Month (21/10/2020)

Art in Isolation - Black History Month Edition

Date: Wednesday, 21st of October 2020 

Time: 6pm - 7:15pm

Location: Facebook Online

Event description:

As it is Black History Month, MKIAC presenrs a Spoken Word Homebound event featuring a wide array of talented artists and performers, from around the UK and abroad. Among the performers will be Poetic Pilgrimage ( Sukina Pilgrim and Muneera Williams), as well as other local community leaders, film-makers, carnival organisers and writers.

Join us on Facebook Live, as we host this unique and special livestream on the 21st of October at 6pm.

Guestspeakers: Haneefah Muhammad, Hilly Edwards, Lavz, Muneera Pilgrim, Myrle Roach, Sagal Farah, Sheila Auguste, Sukina Pilgrim, Susan Popoola amd Tina Latifah Jones.

Spoken Word is a creative space that is judgement free and a chilled environment, where you can be yourself. All welcome.

If you would like to perform in future events or have any questions, then contact us.

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