Colours of Ramadan, Interfaith Iftar (05.04.23)

The Holy Month of Ramadan is the month of mercy and the promise of blessings. 

Ramadan is a time for being kinder and more compassionate to others. The focus is not only on abstaining from food and drinks and allowing more prayer in the daily routine but also on reflecting on the Beauty, Truth and Love surrounding us. By organising an Interfaith Iftar, MKIAC and MK College advocate for more openness in accepting that people around us have different faiths and express their spiritual life in many diverse ways. MKIAC encourages and is proud of the solidarity expressed when families accept to join an Interfaith Iftar. Muslims and non-Muslims, people of no faith and all faith, are welcome to share a moment of community building around delicious food, inspiring live music, and passionate speeches.

Colours of Ramadan, Interfaith Iftar, is a night of community building and breaking bread together. This year we fundraised for Ahbap, an independently run not-for-profit volunteer network in Turkey. They specialise in medical assistance, education, and supporting stray animals. You can donate here to support their current efforts to help the victims of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

Our yearly Colours of Ramadan Interfaith Iftar was a success. Thank you, all communities, special guests, organisations, and performers, for getting together to break our fast (Iftar).
Special thanks to:

The Anatolia Music Group
MK College
ESOL team
Cllr Mohamed Khan
Syrian communities
Namji Restaurant
Sumac Room Restaurant
Fat Twins restaurant
ASDA Supermarket
Morrisons Supermarket
Kiln Farm Gurdwara
The team of wonderful and energetic volunteers and MKIAC Ambassadors

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