Calligraphy Dome

Calligraphy Dome: “Geo Art Dome Project

The Calligraphy Dome represents the One Journey: Connecting Communities programme enriching lives through arts and culture. The Dome uses natural themes of the environment and embraces the Islamic Art of Geometry and Calligraphy. The Arabic word, Ar-Rahman, usually meaning “the most gracious” in Quran, the importance of balance in worldly stages with the sun and the moon run on their fixed course – reflecting the environment and climate change. Surah 5-9

Using the Islamic art of calligraphy Samir Malik has painted an ancient scripture which spreads the breath of the dome. The calligraphy is in bright green like a vine branching across the surface, echoing the environmental basis of the project.
Maryam Smit MKIAC’s resident artist has produced an intricate geometric pattern to compliment the calligraphy using a rich palette of colours associated both with the earth and with eastern cultures: ochres, turquoise and reds.

Students from Milton Keynes College engineering and carpentry departments worked with MKIAC staff to build the framework for the Dome. They also had the opportunity to learn about different cultures in the preparation and installation of the dome at the festival site.

Members of the public at the festival have the opportunity to paint the triangle canvas panels to complete the structure.