Creativity to Tackle the Climate Crisis

On the 7th October, we held a panel discussion titled 'Creativity to tackle the Climate Crisis' as part of our City of Light festival. We invited important voices from different sectors that are vital in helping us step up  to the challenge of climate change. We brought together local changemakers from the business and technology communities, educators, grassroots campagners, students and members of the arts and culture sector to discuss the need for creativity in our response to the urgent challenges we are facing and are soon to face.

We had so many interesting and thought-provoking ideas throughout the panel, prompted by the questions; Can creative solutions in all industries build connection to the climate change crisis? How can it help shape local action? And how technology can amplify our creative ideas in the future.

Our panelists showed us examples of the creative solutions they are employing to fuel change, such as art installations to change public opinion, new technologies to replace or optimise fossil fuels usage and minimise wastage and slogans to catch our attention.

Special thanks to MK College for hosting us and our panelists:

Christina Diamandopoulos, Extinction Rebellion

Michael Sheppard, Transition Town MK (TTMK)

Shery Delfani, Environmental Engineer

Jez Bennett, MAKE

Aphra Shemza, Digital Artist

Students from Shenley Brook End School