Embroidered Tales Woven Dreams

Quilt Making Community Project

Embroidered Tales Woven Dreams

“A story of communities with a long history of beautiful textiles whose lives are directly impacted by climate change.”

Weekly workshops were led by textile artist Jane Charles and MKIAC resident artist Maryam Smit. The workshops gave the opportunity for participants not only to learn new skills but reflect upon the ongoing changes in our environment and shared future.

This community project brought together participants from the diverse communities of Milton Keynes. The women produced individual patches to be sewed together to form a large textile quilt inspired by Islamic geometry. Through this experience they learnt about each other's cultures and shared abstract and traditional artistic ideas.

The Quilt was made using different textile skills and mediums including: batik, printmaking, stencilling, needlework, embroidery, machine sewing and drawing. The geometric designs embrace the Islamic Art of geometry.

Students from Milton Keynes College textile department volunteered on the project, as part of their career development.

The Quilt was exhibitied at The Art at the Lake Festival 2018.