Poetry on Prescription

About event:
Have we underestimated the power of words to help us through a bad day at work, or a
break-up, to give us hope, to get us through another Groundhog Day? Poetry can soothe
and excite and see diverse points of view, in a verse or two. Poetry is always valued in times
of crisis and his event will help us understand how to find solace, perspective and
connection, despite the circumstances that we find ourselves in. We believe that poetry can
be accessible and therapeutic, and possibly the tonic that we might need for the loneliness
and anxiety that we have all felt during the pandemic. Let’s dive into how it might provide a
format, to respond to the changing world around us. It’s time to take poetry out of the
bookcase and place it firmly back into our lives!

About the ‘Art in Isolation’ Series:
This event is part of the ‘Art in Isolation’ series, which uses digital platforms to connect with
people, through the medium of culture. We hope that the events that we curate address
community needs, during the pandemic and we want to maintain connections which each
other, through shared experiences and ideas.