Screen Sisters Film Club and Workshops

Screen Sisters
We delivered a series of six film workshops aimed at women from diverse communities going through change in their lives e.g. either children had left home to work or to university, they had recently become retired or were new settlers to Milton Keynes. The idea of the film workshops were to listen to the women, their thoughts and stories and then produce a 5 minute film on display at the Art Marquee at the Art at the Lake Festival.

We are pleased to annouce that we have the first of our film Clubs on Thursday 26th September at 5.30pm/6.00pm start at MK College Chaffron Way.

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Women from a range of diverse communities, came together to share their stories of lonliness empowerment and inspiration. They explored the cultural and generational barriers that cause isolation in their local communities, topics arose from consultation events such as the term “Unlettered” the inability to read letters, family commitments, changing circumstances and barriers caused by language, technology and culture. The women gained filmmaking skills in interviewing, documentary making and stop-frame animation and the resulting film was crafted mixing documentary and animation techniques to produce an empowering and enchanting film.
The women told their own personal stories that were moving and profound. This created a great atmosphere within the group through this shared experience.
We will now work on establishing a monthly film club for the women, their friend and families and the wider public showing independent films and providing a safe and welcoming environment.
Some of the women from this project have signed up to our community ambassador’s scheme thus demonstrating their renewed confidence and enthusiasm for the project.