Soul Food Vision of Oneness

Soul Food is about celebrating our diversity where people of all backgrounds and spirituality can come together to reflect on the common threads and principals that tie all of humanity together. This is also reflected within the community sacred mosaic project, which celebrates islamic geometric patterns through diverse women coming together. This increase their understanding of each other, sharing common values and promotes community coheshion. Mkiac celebrated the similarites we share through an evening of art, inspiring speakers and food. We came together to learn, exchange ideas and thoughts. This event tied in with the National Inter-Faith week and was our 10th anniversary of this unique programme. We exhibited work relevent to the theme including traditional and contemporary stories told by our refugee communites. Our Community Ambassadors were presented with certificatesof merits, and pins, students studying theology gave their interpretation of the meaning of Soul Food Visions of Oneness as did dignititries including the High Shefiff Julia Upton MBE, The Mayor of Milton Keynes Cllr Sam Crooks, MKIAC's patron Countess Elizabeth Howe and cultural leaders from different faiths. The evening was a great sucess and we were inindated with well wishes and support.