Spiritual Art

Spiritual Art 

Faith and Nature - Environment and Balance- Ar- Raham (The Most gracious 5-11) 

Part of the national celebration of Interfaith Month MKIAC celebrated by putting on an event focussing on Faith and Nature and exhibiting a series of Islamic inspired arts.
For the opening night we had a packed programme of arts, speakers, food and music. The event bought communities together through artistic expression. It promotes understanding and good relations between organisations and diverse communities of different faiths and non faiths in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

See the video of this years event:

Image: The Deputy Mayor Cllr Sam Crooks of Milton Keynes introducing Bilal and his musicians who are Syrian refugees, some are Muslim and some are Christian. 

Image: Shammi Rahman with her students from Denbigh School who reflected and delivered 
moving philosophical discussions on Sura Ar-Rahman:environment and balance. 

Image: Bilal and his group of Syrian refugees playing music from their home town.

There were three elements of the event, on the ground floor an exhibition of paintings from International Houses Collections of Arabian art through the century imported from Dubai featuring Iraqi, Lebanese and Syrian Artists.
On the second floor we are exhibiting our interactive participatory arts project Fabric of Life Dome which linked many diverse communities of Milton Keynes.
Also on the second floor an exhibition of work from Embroidered Tales and Woven Dreams quilt project, Hyatt: Flower of Life Felt hanging and Seed of Life-Illuminated Twirls.

Click on the links below to see short films of some of our recent events:

It is through talking, sharing with one another that we begin to explore, understand and eventually act. Such conversation, or ‘dialogue’, is a vital part of building the mutual respect, understanding and cooperation that benefits all in visual poetry.
Examples of dialogue and discussion (conversation) include:

This year we held the event on November 15th at Silbury Campus Milton Keynes.