Spoken Word Cafe Nights

The voices of our youth matter
MKIAC created a place where young people can express themselves and put the importance of Spoken Word on the map. Spoken word is a combination of poetry and performance and appears in events such as Jazz, Hip-Hop and Poetry slams. Though it can include any kind of poetry read aloud, it is different from written poetry in that how it sounds is often one of the main components.
Young people use the art form as a way of expressing their feelings on current political issues such as the environment, social inequalities and mental health.
Spoken Word Café Nights:
Hearts and Minds                                           Opportunity to Connect 

"Speak again, Speak like rain " Kikuyu tribe
We often battle with an imagination gap, many of our youth are unable to be seen outside their own bubble. In our current climate it is even more important than ever that we look at the world from a different point of view, to form a new creative movement in this city.
This space allows them to voice their emotions in a creative cosy atmosphere, among their peers and the wider community.
Our Spoken Word Café Nights have been well received and our opening night featured in the MK Citizen. Please follow the link to read the article MK Citizen