Youth Digital Radio

MKIAC have been hosting a digital Youth Radio Programme alongside its sister weekly arts programme. The focus is on Environment and Wellbeing. Subjects such as exam stress, mediation, knowledge and gender equality. Approximately 20 young people were involved with the broadcast and a digital audience of around 6000. The programme was live streamed on Facebook and has been very successful.
MKIAC had the opportunity to be part of a local digital radio show for four consequtive weeks. Youth programme manager took the opportunity to create what has now come to be known as the "Youth Digital Corner". The show was live every Monday at 4pm-5pm. Guests were invited from various backgrounds to give advice and share their personal journeys with  the young listeners. The idea behind the project was to motivate, encourage, and uplift the local young people from various backgrounds including a high proportion of the Muslim community. The programme grew from having 364 listeners to 1519, listeners also posted comments online which were very positive making it a very sucessful and worthwhile project to be replicated in the near future.