Art in Isolation

MKIAC faces the same challenges felt by individuals, communities, organisations and governments across the globe. How do we all adapt and continue to function, in the face of the Covid-19 Pandemic? 

MKIAC is a community arts-based organisation, whose raison d’être came from a creative response to 9/11 – a world changing event, of huge global magnitude. Our response at MKIAC, in the face of a pandemic [many of us are experiencing for the first time in our lives], is once again to reach out, using the creativity 'template' at the heart of Milton Keynes Islamic Arts Heritage and Culture organisation. 

Primarily using digital platforms as our medium, MKIAC has put together a project which addresses some of the community needs during a pandemic, with a series of sessions under the umbrella title 'Art in Isolation'. These events are accessible online through  our Facebook Live events.  MKIAC has facilitated a number of audience participatory events. For many exeriencing the challenges accentuated in a pandemic, Art in Isolation helps by enhancing the common connectedness between diverse communities. Promoted through sharing ideas, experiences, which are a much valued opportunity for discourse and centred around using the arts as an essential voice, MKIAC is responsive to community needs. We are working steadfastly, providing a celebratory outlet for viewing sharing stimulating events, at a crucial time when many  are experiencing a curtailment in access to activities recently enjoyed in person.