Heavenly Art

Discover universal treasure of worlds from Al-Andalus to China through the interfaith exhibition of 'Heavenly Art' by International Master Arabic and Chinese Calligrapher Haji Noor Deen, Hebrew Art by Vetta Alexis, Christian Art by Ernesto Lozada Uzuriage Steele including dialogue seminars, a variety of workshops, stalls with cultural & religious artefacts from different communities, and a speakers corner for young adults to participate in dialogue. For centuries, various art forms and Islamic Art, have been used for social integration and celebrating diversity to reflect cultural values.

- Workshops & Presentations : Canvas Calligraphy Design, Japenese Origami, The Art of Coffee, Al-Ghazali - the Alchemist of Happiness, Henna Design & Community Interfaith Exhibition.

Haji Noor Dean calligraphy piece