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Enriching Lives through Arts and Culture

We are a national, Queen's Award recipient, an arts heritage and culture based organisation. The inception of MKIAC was prompted as a direct response to the 9/11 attacks. Our primary focus is using the arts as a vehicle to overcome societal divisions and divisive dogma. Inspired by Islamic arts heritage and culture, encompassing both traditional and contemporary art forms, MKIAC covers a broad spectrum of inclusive arts based events throughout the year. We provide a programme of high quality arts, which in turn promotes community cohesion through diversity and inclusion, reflecting the diversity of society at large. Beneficiaries develop skills via access to creative, educative opportunities, enabled through working closely with artists. The annual pinnacle for MKIAC is 'Art in the Park' festival. This is an opportunity to showcase  both local and national talent, drawing audiences from far afield, in their thousands.

MKIAC is proud to announce that we have been chosen as one of two charities by the incoming Mayor Mohammed Khan of Milton Keynes. We very much appreciate the recognition by Mayor Khan of the continued committment by MKIAC to serve our community through arts and cultural engagement. Please see  recording of the Mayor below.