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Enriching Lives through Arts and Culture

MKIAC has been operating in Milton Keynes (prompted by the 9/11 attacks) to connect communities, and bring people together through high quality shared arts experiences. We work in a diverse range of locations across the city including, community centres, schools, galleries, libraries and museums. We deliver arts workshops, seminars and events inspired by Islamic arts and heritage. We explore the themes of Calligraphy, Architecture, Geometry, Arabesque and Garden design. We believe that art transcends religion, politics and race and empowers the individual and benefits the community. MKIAC has just started a new phase of delivery One Journey: Connecting Communities a programme of high quality arts experiences focussing on strengthening community cohesion.
MKIAC also delivers a large scale annual community festival “Art in the Park “ now celebrating it's 10th anniversary. This year we have been awarded the Queen's Jubilee Award for voluntary service.