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Enriching Lives through Arts and Culture

Milton Keynes Islamic Arts and Culture is a registered charity created in direct response to the 9/11 attacks.

Inspired by Islamic arts, heritage and culture, encompassing both traditional and contemporary art forms, MKIAC covers a broad spectrum of inclusive arts-based events throughout the year. Our primary focus is using the arts as a vehichle to overcome societal divisions and provide a sense of community in our city.

MKIAC is delighted to have been chosen as one of the two 'Charities of the Year' by the incoming Mayor of Milton Keynes Cllr Mohammed Khan

MKIAC Presents: City of Light Festival, Milton Keynes

The 'City of Light" festival in Milton Keynes was a free festival which was a celebration of Milton Keynes' rich technology and communications heritage, the city's diverse and engaged community and unique artistic cultural activities inspired by geometric patterns from the Islamic world.

Over 6,000 people enjoyed workshops, seminars and unique cultural performances across the weekend featuring a combination of art, science and technology. The festival's main event wowed the audience with an impressive parade of light that included live music and performances by Dundu and Worldbeaters and Seb Lee-Delisle's Laser Light City that was visible right across the city.

MKIAC founding director and CEO, Anouar Kassim, said: "The City of Light Festival brought such enthusiasm to Milton Keynes. It was fantastic to see diverse communities young and old, participating in the experiencer together. it was a true celebration of arts and culture."